About Us

Our Story

Learning Dimensions’ first clients consisted of a diverse group of non-for-profit organizations interested in making an impact in education through inquiry-based, academically rigorous, thought provoking, and service-oriented learning experiences for students. A major challenge, however, was that these organizations did not have the expertise and resources required to assist teachers with creating transformative learning experiences within their classrooms.

With this understanding, Monica Swope, the founder and principal curriculum specialist for Learning Dimensions, decided to create an educational consultant company that would give those interested in making an impact in the lives of young people greater access to develop innovative learning environments for students and professional development opportunities for teachers. Therefore, the primary goals for Learning Dimensions are to support clients in designing instructional tools and materials (i.e., as curriculum frameworks, unit plans, lesson plans, learning guides, and student resources) and creating professional development options (e.g., professional development models, plans, and training options in the areas of adult education, disciplinary literacy, and Common Core State Standards).

Services provided by Learning Dimensions, such as strategic educational planning, innovative curriculum solutions, and professional development options, puts the type of resources and experiences needed to create and implement transformative learning experiences in the hands of clients. The services that clients can expect from Learning Dimensions can best be described in the following statement:

[Learning Dimensions] is always at the apex of developments in education. [Learning Dimensions] is visionary, but practical and results-oriented. If you want something done professionally, Ms. Swope is the person to go to. Her high standards will help any organization to achieve its objectives under-budget and on time. Brava!

Having years of experience with curriculum designing, implementation, and professional development, Ms. Swope, offers her clients services that have the capacity to help learners to:

  • Build confidence and independence
  • Master skills and strategies that will make them college and career ready
  • Use prior knowledge and connect their experiences
  • Increase their knowledge of content matter

Learning Dimensions continues to provide educational consultant services to the non-for-profit sector, but has expanded its clientele to include school districts that desire to make a great impact in students’ lives using innovative learning approaches to maximize student success.