Education related strategic planning

Assist organizations with developing strategic educational effectiveness planning models that:
  •     1. Identify areas of improvement using data
  •     2. Determine learning goals that focus on productivity and achievement
  •     3. Measure planning outcomes
  •     4. Create organizational improvement profiles
Facilitate the implementation of organizational level strategic educational effectiveness plans and processes that focus on learner achievement and ensure success for all learners
Provide training sessions on how to create strategic educational effectiveness plans
Provide ongoing support to organizations in implementing strategic educational effectiveness plans

Innovative curriculum solutions and products that focus on learner achievement

Some examples of curriculum solutions and products developed to meet clients’ needs include the following:

School, district and organization level learning frameworks
Curricula products (such as ready to use client designed curricula and learner resource guides for educators and students)
Evaluative assessment tools for diverse learners and learning environments (such as performance tasks, rubrics, and external reviews for education related programs)

Professional development program plans

Some services provided to clients include:

Professional development program models and plans
Trainings in the areas of adult education, literacy and disciplinary literacy, Universal Design for Learning, and Common Core State Standards
Ongoing professional development support

Coordinate curriculum, instruction, and assessment practices at the school and district level

Some services provided to clients include:

Some services include planning, organizing, motivating, identifying, and monitoring resources that focus on learner achievement and maximizes success for all learners.